The Raygun Girls – Break It

Ok, you got my attention right off the bat. Love the strong intro with all the players. When the vocals kicked it I thought it sounded a lot like Sully from Godsmack if he had much bigger balls. I don’t mean that in a bad way I like Godsmack. But this guy’s vocals are dangerous. He’s got that whiskey and cigarette voice that makes listening to this song so much fun. Kinda the same thing that makes Lemmy from Motorhead so awesome. The guitar work is top notch with really nice vocal punctuation. It’s just the right amount of dirty so it doesn’t’ compete with the vocal performance at all. That drum work is outstanding! Nice and tight with an excellent energy.

Why, yes I would love to listen to more of The Raygun Girls music.  You could go old school and pair this with some Slayer or Obituary, but you could go a bit more modern and put this on a list with some heavier Godsmack or maybe some Five Finger Death Punch. I would love to get this on my phone for road trips.


Who They Are:

The Raygun Girls is a Hard Rock group that crosses genres with Metal, Goth and Industrial music.· The sound has been compared to Lacuna Coil, Rob Zombie, Killing Joke and Evanescence.

Starting in 2004 with Geoff on lead vocals, the group has circled through many members, with Geoff taking a back seat to concentrate on guitar, and letting female vocalists take the lead.· Due to family responsibilities and health issues, it seemed like The Raygun Girls had seen their last day during a performace with Pale Horse in July of 2010.· One year later, 2011 brings Geoff back to the forefront with guest female vocalists supporting.

After three full length albums over 10 years, the group has come back to its guitar driven, groove laden roots with their new album “The Taker”.· Geoff remains the pounding heartbeat of the band writing the music and playing all of the instruments, with guest vocals on some songs from Jacinda Espinosa and Girl Named Sam.

“The Taker” combines 12 years of experience – touring, record labels, lead singers, drummers, guitarists, family, politics, death and life – and crunches them into a crushing, pounding 11 tracks of melodic power.· The Raygun Girls sound remains – the Gothic, dark themed lyrics, the crunching, head banging guitar riffs and the catchy choruses – only now, there are no frills, and it’s pure rock.

The Band is:

Geoff: vocals, guitars, bass, drums programming, synth





Where You Can Get It:

Bandcamp reverbnation_logo_light_flat[1]  spotify


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