gLife – Indy (Live at the Great Saltair)

This song made me smile at the beginning. No small feat for someone who isn’t known for their love of rap or hip hop. I’m really digging the flow though! That is some amazing rhyming right there son. One of the most surprising thing about this song is its use of a violin. There is something about hearing that instrument in the midst of what is often an almost chaotic composition is almost like a life line. It also is capable off adding a sense of dread when needed at points in the track. Really surprising all the way around. I gotta say I like this one.

I would be down to check out more of their stuff. Honestly it’s the violin that got me. While I liked the vocal styles and have nothing but respect for the flow it’s that violin I keep coming back to.  I need to analyze more of their work. List wise I suppose you could pair it with just about any rap/hip hop song, but I would probably pair it with my Linkin Park or From Ashes to New. Mostly because I felt like there was more going on here musically than I hear on radio rap songs.


Who They Are:

Spanning the musical spectrum, gLife evokes emotions of gratitude, compassion, and reality. Hip hop for hope. Keep it moving.

Life reemerges from the road life that is synonymous with Van People Records. After hundreds of shows, the snowboard scene, and the festival circuit; gLife has a freshie for you in his new album “All I Know” dropping in March 2013 followed by a West Coast/Midwest tour with his buddy Nu3tron. Get the free “gLife Music” app at all app stores and add the “gLife Music” station on Pandora.

The Band is:

DJ Pookie
Master Qball (violin)





Where You Can Get It:



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