UVtraveler – Day After Day

For those of us who love classic rock this is a winner! It reminds me a bit of KISS or at least that was the first band that jumped into my head. I think maybe it’s the bass style along with the guitar work that really put that idea in my head. The vocals are way solid with a nice full round sound. I like that this guy sings in a higher register. It’s nice to hear from time to time especially since most of what I hear is a lower end growling vocal. The drum work is also really tight. While I wouldn’t call this a blistering song it’s still an upbeat tune. Love the guitar solo so freaking much!!

This song certainly had my toes a tappin! I think anyone who is a fan of classic rock is going to love this song. But not just classic rock fans, because this song doesn’t feel dated. Perhaps it’s the guitar solo that gives it a modern feel. All I know is this is a great track. I would love to put it on a list with my classic tracks but also throw it in the mix with some Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman and bands like that. Mostly because those bands have really solid guitar lines and I would bank it off that similarity right there. Regardless of who you put it on a list with your going to love it.


Who They Are:
UVTraveler performs and records their brand of original “21st-Century Classic Rock.” Their music takes its cue from 70s bands like Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Steely Dan, to create a unique rock landscape. UVTraveler also perform in an acoustic duo setting. Their first full length album, UVTRAVELER, is now out on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, and Spotify… This record shows off their diverse songwriting styles, featuring musicians hailing from all over the United States. All sorts of exciting new developments coming this summer… Stay tuned !!!!

The Band is:
Randy Sepe
Wade Greenwood





Where You Can Get It:

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