V૯૨ઽષઽ Vઽ. V૯૨ઽ૯ઽ – COSMONAUT

I’m getting this really dark vibe from this song that I really love. This guy’s voice is capable of being sinister and sexy all at the same time. It’s the something Jared Leto has in 30 Seconds to Mars has going for him. I like is when singers ride that edge. Maybe it’s me but that is some hot vocal styling right there. The guitar work matches the skill of the vocalist lick for lick. The drum line is a steady in your face hard rock beat that will get you moving. I thought there were some rather mind bending music moments in this track.

I’m not sure why, but writing this review was a bit like pulling teeth. I like the track and I would love to have it on my phone. It’s definitely worthy of something better than my lame-o laptop speakers I’m having to use right now. I can see myself flying down the highway rocking this tune hella loud. So I have no idea why I had such a hard time getting the review done. Perhaps it’s because I was busy just listening to the song that I wasn’t really working up the review in my head like I normally do. Either way this was an excellent track that just got better with every listen. The vocals are interesting, sexy and slightly threatening. The guitarist has a great opportunity to show off his skills without over taking the song. I love the always on nature of the drum line. It’s a perfect fit for this song.


Who They Are:
There is something alive in the music of Versus Vs. Verses. Drawing upon influences like Deftones and Chevelle, their songs continue to evolve and surprise while often unearthing strange sounds. Applying their deep-rooted impressions from hard rock, Versus Vs. Verses uses imagination and composition to tell a story, making every song an attempt at invention and discovery.

The Band is:
Mark Beitle
Brian Hatcher




Where You Can Get It:

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