Vàrego – Hesperian

This may have one of the longest intro’s ever. I thought my sound was muted or some thing. But if you are patient and wait through it there are great rewards to be had. This is some seriously hard core heavy metal goodness. The general vibe is really sinister with a switch up tempo that goes from a quick uptempo to a slow pulse of a drum beat. The guitarist has some moments where the line is so damn fast I can barely make it out. Pretty bad ass if you ask me. Respect, cause back when I played this type of guitar line would have made me cry just to look at it. The dark grungy/screamy vocals are sheer perfection. Gritty slightly dirty and scary as hell is what I expect from a song like this and that is exactly what we are given.

I liked this song well enough that I would go check out the rest of their library. Though I don’t normally listen to hard core heavy metal, I can’t say that I never do. As a matter of fact both my husband and my eldest boy are huge fans of the genre so I do listen to it.  I sat here and thought for ever about what bands I would match them with for playlist purposes and I couldn’t really think of any one. Since I’m not very well versed on this genre trying to come up with a perfect match is beyond me. But as for my personal playlist, I would probably put them on the same list that has my Slayer, Testament and Obituary. Mostly I listen to their old stuff, but I think Varego would go well with those bands.


Who They Are:

Vàrego is a new Italian entity formed by five musicians, veterans of the underground music circuit. Born in 2009 with a sound briefly compared to various post-metal genres, the band worked with the producer Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Melvins, High on Fire, among others) for the debut album “Tvmvltvm” out in July 2012 which received positive feedback across the board. In the following year, 2013, the band release a new EP entitled “Blindness of the Sun” The new ep is a natural progression of the esoteric concept developed in the previous album “TVMVLTVM”. The band completed the work again together with producer Billy Anderson. It consists of four new songs on mysticism and spirituality, as suggested by the cover artwork created exclusively for the band by the talented artist Marco Castagnetto (ZenPunkArt.com).
VAREGO worked with JARBOE (ex Swans), who honored the band with her unique and enchanting voice, full of emotion and strength, giving life to an authentic storm of avantgarde chaos. Also, on trumpets in one song, there is a special partnership with the Free-Jazz musician Giovanni “JJ” Sansone, known also for his co-operation with well known acts on the Italian music scene such as Casino Royale and La Crus.

The Band is:

Vocalist: Davide Marcenaro
Guitar: Alberto Pozzo
Guitar: Gerolamo Lucisano
Bass: Marco Red Damonte
Drums: Simon Lepore

Website: Varego

Twitter: @VaregoOfficial

Youtube: Varego Band

Where You Can Buy It:

Bandcamp soundcloud_logo1_1_c6844f[1]  reverbnation-iconblack[1]


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