Vincent Musanti – Toxic Reign

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing several guitar virtuoso’s in my life. Back in the day my friend Colby could tear some shit up. My BFF’s brother’s kid is in a band called Osmium and they rock ass. Vincent Musanti is another one of those guitarists that once you hear him you know he is going places. The kid is 15 years old and plays better than some 40 year olds you hear on the radio. He has a brilliant sense of timing and his fret work is outstanding. He’s the kind of guitarist you could easily see someone like Ozzy picking up and launching (see Zakk Wylde).

While not a fan of instrumentals, I gotta give this one it’s due. The drum work is really solid and provides the perfect backbone for the guitar lines to rest on. The guitar work itself is spectacular. I would love to see this kid in a metal band. That would be some kick your ass music with the right band members. I’m downloading this song so I can put it on a list with some Vai. I don’t have a lot of instrumentals yet, but my kids and my hubby like them from time to time, so I’m going to start building a list.


Who They Are:
I am a 15 year old guitarist/songwriter from Jackson, NJ. I’ve been playing for 4 years. Finished five master recordings in 2012 and three of them have been released on Itunes. “Toxic Reign” and “Six String Mayhem” were done by me at 14.

The Band is:
Vincent Musanti




Where You Can Get It:

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