Jacob Machine the Dream King – Under Pressure ft. Greg Picket

I’ve always kind of liked that behind the music kind of feel when you hear the artists talking either before or after the song. The music is really good. Reminds me of some of the older Carlos Santana stuff.  The rap lyrics are really good, but it’s an odd thing because the rap vocals have this odd tone. A bit like if the nerdy guy at school started rapping. For some reason it makes me think of some Bloodhound game vibes. The lyrics tell a great story and the flow is rather amazing. The melody in the chorus is really damn good. I love that rich full voice.

I enjoyed the track, certainly enough to check out some more. I don’t know that this will be my favorite Jacob Machine song but it does make me want more. So that’s pretty good. I want to put this on a list though with some of the Santana pair up songs like the songs with Nickleback’s Chad Kroger, Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas and The Product G&B. I bet this would flow like water in that list. So maybe I will download it. Hrmmm….


Who They Are:
Jacob Machine is One of Best & Most Intelligent MC Lyricists/ Artists Out From Writing & Directing movies to Books to writing & making some of the greatest Intelligent Lyrical Music Hands Down Since the Age of 8 Years Old. He Can Move People with his Lyrics in a Surprising and Intelligent way, Just Waiting to be Found needing a chance to be in the right position, One day when he gets that chance He Will Bring Originality Back to Rap & Hip Hop because it is lost in the Generation we are Living today and with more Peoples Support He can really change a Lost Generation. Just needs the opportunity! Most Artists Say the same but Jacob Machine is Different. Lots see that but the Majority either Doesn’t Care or just hasn’t heard of him at all. Living in Texas in a small town With no Connections is the worst place to be in his position when it comes to getting heard. All tho he Recently has been Contacted by Major Record Labels Including Def Jam, Atlantic, Sony, and AfterMath but missed the calls due to working Full Time as a Server at Golden Coral, Not being able to call back cause of Label Protocols making it to where they can only call you Doesn’t help at all, Patiently waiting for another call or another opportunity Creating more and more Great Art! Besides that He Has A Movie on Youtube & here (ReverbNation) Called “Boy With The Black Whole Heart” One of many he has Written While Just Finishing his 15th Mixtape “SSDD”! He is Currently Working on His Newest Original Album “Minimum Wage Slave” & Filming/ Directing 2 New Movies Called “11 Lives, 7 Minutes” & “A Conversation Between Good and Evil”. All coming Out soon So Stay Tuned for Lots More to come from Jacob Machine The Dream King, Founder of DKMG. The Skill, Work Ethic and Potential is There, just needing opportunity and better support Witch casts a shadow on one of the Greatest artists today. Any Help Would be Greatly Appreciated with the Devotion to Change & making Good / Intelligent Music / Entertainment For the People, Their children and Generations that Follow to leave his mark on Time as another Artist that Changed Music and the Entertainment Industry Though his Music, Movies, & Books. So Get a Head Start and start Spreading the word about a major artist before he blows up to his true Potential and getting better by the day. Dream King Music Group (DKMG) is a Family of people who love doing what we do and spreading the word to bring change though Music, Movies and other forms of entertainment that people can relate to. Our work has the ability to change our generation and generations to follow by making Art that resembles the society we all live today and bringing the realization of reality to those who are lost in this life that only few know how to see or live past this Holocaust of Society. Please help spread the word of the people and join our movement to contribute to OUR Dreams of Freedom and to start laying the foundation for the righteous people that will soon become Loyal Kings for we the people.. everybody is a king in their own way, and we all have a part to play in time. Subscribe, Follow, Share, and Listen to the Dream King Music Group Movement..

The Band is:
Jacob Machine




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