World War Me – Michelle

Nice tight upbeat rhythm. I like the pace of the song. The vocals are outstanding, with a surprising range from the lead vocalist. The vocal and musical style of the verses is really quite enjoyable. The chorus is a lot of fun to listen to and even more fun to sing along to if you have a mind. There is a gritty quality to the lead singers voice that is absolutely perfect for the song. I checked out the lyrics and love em. This has to be one of the best fuck you songs I’ve heard in a long time. It makes the song ‘Gives You Hell’ sound like a children s lullaby. The guitar and drum work do an awesome job at really driving the point home with some terribly hooky lines. There is jsut the faintest whiff of punk to this song with the delivery of some of the lyrics.

I can’t wait to hear more of their stuff. in fact I’m going to take off and go download this song to add it to my phone. You know how I feel about songs on my phone, so you know this one is a keeper. I would match this with other angry songs like ‘Spare Me The Details’ from The Offspring as opposed to other bands that sound the same. I get on these theme kicks from time to time and hateful music is always welcome.


Who They Are:

Band out of Chicago, Il set to release debut self titled album with cool features. New merch and a new tour coming later this year!

The Band is:

Stephen Krypel (Vocals)
Richard Nash (Drums)




Where You Can Get It:

itunes-logo[1] soundcloud-logo[1]  

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