Sean Danielsen – Rescue Me

I can’t get over how great a lyricist he is. Every song I’ve heard is amazing, and this song is no different. The music is a multi-tempo style with a slower simpler sound during the verses than the chorus. Though there are some really nice swells worked into the versus that work well as punctuation to the story he’s telling. Vocally he’s at the top of his game on this song. We are treated to some nice lows as well as those beautiful high notes that he’s so good at. To me this song feels like flying.

To be honest I reviewed the album. If you want to read the whole review, here is the link. What I’ll say here is that I loved the whole album. My personal favorite track is title track ‘Food Chain’. The whole album however is wonderfully done and an overall enjoyable listen.


Who They Are:

Sean Danielsen, smile empty soul, world fire brigade, singer, guitar player, songwriter

The Band is:

Sean Danielsen




Where You Can Get It:

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