Sally Pepper – Against The Tide

Who They Are: Hi. I’m Sally and I pretend to play the guitar. I write songs that just come to me and then I play them at gigs. Influences include Fall Out Boy, Tonight Alive, We Are The In Crowd, The Summer Set, Mallory Knox, and Taylor Swift. I’ve shared the stage with the likes of Boy Jumps ship, Johnny Get The Gun and Lecarla, and will be playing shows with The Last Carnival, The Afterparty, Altered Sky and Hill Valley High later this year.

Why I Like Them: I was worried when I saw it was an acoustic jam. I don’t usually care for them. There are always exceptions and this is one of them. I really loved the clean sound and how it highlighted the vocals. This girl has some serious pipes and she knows when to use them. One of my criticism of acoustic is that the vocalist seems to be trying to make up for something so their vocals are always “on” if you get what I mean. She know’s when to belt it out and when to reign it in. I have high hopes for her!

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Probably. I would be more definite but I’m always a little leary of acoustic titles. That being said I would listen to the other stuff she has to see how it grabs me.

The Band is:

Sally Pepper

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