Devilstrip – She Said

This is a great one for the playlists if you ask me. I like the lyrics a lot, mostly because I think I’ve lived this story a time or two. The vocals are just a bit rough or maybe ragged is more the word I’m looking for. And even that is only on occasion in the song, so there is a mix with the clean vocal style. The music is pretty minimal for the most part. Not that it’s done badly but just that the emphasis is mostly on the vocals, with moments of heavy guitar power cords and a heavier rock style drum beat. I like the way they composed this. Having the simpler musical line in the verses and handing us a heavier sound in the chorus keeps interest up.

I really liked this track and it was more than enough to have me asking for more of their music. I can certainly see why they have such a rabid fanbase, this band deserves it. In some ways it makes me think back to bands like Live and Cold. This is not the happiest of songs ever but it’s beautifully done which makes it awesome in my book. I can see having it on one of my playlists no problem. I have a list that to be fair is heavily 90’s influenced and I would love to stick this on it. It would revitalize an old playlist and make it sound all new and fresh again.##


I can certainly see why they have such a rabid fanbase, this band deserves it. Click To Tweet

Who They Are:
Hailing from Akron, Ohio, Devilstrip epitomizes the “power trio” moniker. Melodic, heavy grooves dominate their newly-released debut album, “Rise.” With a classic hard-rock soul and alternative rock sensibilities, the band delivers passionate and hard-driving performances in both the studio and on stage. The members of Devilstrip are fully committed to the mantra of “100% or nothing” in all that bears their name. This has earned them an ever-growing, rabid regional fan base and now international recognition in the United Kingdom and beyond. A tour is being planned to support Rise, which is now available at CD baby, and soon on iTunes and Amazon.

The Band is:
Marc Wasmund – Lead vocals, guitar
Jimmy Gray – Drums, vocals
Graig Lindgren – Bass, vocals





Where You Can Get It:

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