All That Crawls / Anders Colsefni – The Endless

Full disclosure: I am familiar with Anders Colsefni from his Slipknot days. I remember the thing when he left was about his gruff and gravely way to growly vocals. Listening to this song you would never , ever think that. Personally I love his vocal style on this song, he has such a nice range. I find his voice in this song to be really soothing and goes along so well with the slow melodic music of the song. Speaking of the music this guitar player is fantastic. I cheated and watched a bit of the video and saw the guy finger picking the strings. Props to that right there baby, respect! I love how this song allows all the players to show off their skills, yet maintain a fully cohesive sound.

So here’s the rub: This is the only song that I’m aware of All That Crawls has out. In my efforts to find more about Anders and A.T.C. I was hard pressed to find what I have listed in their band info section. I think Reverbnation actually had the largest amount of info on the band and that was scant at best. And this song wasn’t even on that list. I think it’s Painface’s music on that site. I haven’t listened to any Painface yet, but I’m about to.


Anders Colsefni’s bands (in order with approximate time line)

Vexx (also called “Stiff Dead Dog” for one show): 1988-1992
Inveigh Catharsis (same band, different singer): 1992-1993
Body Pit: 1993-1995
Slipknot: 1994-1997
Painface: 1998-2002
On A Pale Horse: 2002-2004
Vice Grip Throttle: 2004-2007
All That Crawls: 2007 to present.
Painface: Present (2011)

The Band is:

Anders Colsefni – Vocals
Ed Henry – Guitar
Joshua Colsefni – Guitar
Rick Stuber – Bass
Brian Scoonover – Drums

Website: Anders Colsefni


Youtube: Anders Colsefni

Where You Can Get It:

Bandcamp soundcloud_logo1_1_c6844f[1]  reverbnation-iconblack[1]


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