We Are Leo – Supernova Sunrise

Where has this song been all my life? That is my question. I can see tons of teenage girls falling all over themselves over these guys. Hell I may even be one of them! There is something about the slow burn yet constant guitar work that always gets my attention. The drum line is well done, nice tight and keeps a good pace for the song. Nothing here is overly intrusive, which is nice because you can hear all the players. The vocals are a nice mid-range with just a touch of auto tune (not everywhere cause it’s not necessary. I’m talking to you Rihanna). The players here are working it with those instruments.

My first thought when the song started was, “Hello! Have you met Yellowcard?”. Only because I think those two bands would fit well together at least based on this song.  I’m not a huge fan of auto tune because it’s become a crutch for singers who can’t really sing (see comment in above paragraph) but these guys only use it to add a bit of spice to the song. That I can live with, even like. While this song doesn’t pack the immediate gut punch of some songs it’s going to be one your thoughts keep returning to. I liked it well enough I would download it and put it on my server so I could move it to my phone. Honestly you could also match this song up with some Maroon 5 or Neon Trees.


I can see tons of teenage girls falling all over themselves over these guys. Hell I may even be one of them! Click To Tweet

Who They Are:
Strong and steady like a lion, We Are Leo has grown tenaciously after saying “Hello” with their premier album in 2011. Pulsing with an electric energy and a vibrant sound, their spirited shows nurture a fiercely loyal fan base that rose to the occasion in 2013 when the artists called on them to fund their Kickstarter project. Now, We Are Leo continues to build on that momentum as they come roaring back into the national music scene with their sophomore release “Fightback Soundtrack”. Fusing together a blend of heartfelt emotion, love-charged lyrics, and relentless faith, “Fightback Soundtrack” is a declaration of the undying passion the band has for their fans, their art, and their message.

We Are Leo’s singer, David Duffield, says, “What we are aspiring to do is write and sing songs that will express a real sense of Love to our fans and friends… songs that will become anthems of faith, hope and new life. I want to make music that grabs people’s attention; that is relevant to them musically and spiritually.” He goes on to say, “Our band name, We Are Leo, is about being bold and courageous like the lion (leo being the Greek word for Lion), and also that we aspire to shine like stars: like the constellation Leo.”

The Band is:
David Duffield
Jonny Duffield
Doug Weier
Andrew Alojipan





Where You Can Get It:



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