Lucid Rapture – Comet

Regular readers of this site know I’m not a huge Rap/Hip-Hop fan, I am however a huge fan of any one who is willing to put themselves out there like Lucid Rapture has. Comet is an interesting track in the flat style of vocals and the choice of background tracks.

Most of the rap I’ve been exposed it is considerably harder (I mean stylistically/lyrically) than this one and honestly I found that refreshing. I can certainly connect with the story that’s being told through out the song. I liked the piano opening and a part of me wishes that it wasn’t covered by the beat. Due to the flat style of the vocals it’s harder for me to determine if we are coming from a sad, wistful place or anger. I feel like the intent of the song would have been more apparent with a different music choice.

Out of curiosity I did check out another couple of tracks on Soundcloud to get a better feel for this artist. I found I really do like this cats lyrical content. He’s got a certain groove that invites the listener to really listen and get into the story he’s telling. I love some of the name dropping he does, and the rhymes are quite interesting. For clarity the other songs I listened to were Acnestis and Rap Shit.

Overall this track had some good points as well as some weak spots. I would venture that this may not be the best track to start with if you are new to the artist. I would suggest maybe Acnestis or Rap Shit. In all honesty I think that the only thing missing is a bit more production. For those of you better versed in Rap/Hip-Hop let me know what you thought.

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