David R. Guitard – Wasted Away

I’m not really sure what to say about this song. I feel a lot of influence from Neil Young and maybe some Johnny Cash when it comes to the lyrical content and song. I liked that aspect of the song. I also liked the pacing on it quite a bit. It had that “let’s just kick it around a bit” kind of beat. It’s not really in a big hurry to go anywhere and that is fine by me. Where it started to lose me was some of the vocal riffs didn’t work quite the way I think they were intended. Some of them seemed like they were a bit cut off. I thought some of his falsetto scoops were interesting and I could see it growing on you.

While this song is not one of my favorite songs ever I have a lot of respect for David. It takes a lot of balls to put yourself out there. I don’t want to make it sound like this song was horrible by any means. The term ‘not my cup o’ tea’ comes to mind a lot. I have only a few Neil Young songs I like and the same can be said for Cash. Honestly my favorite Cash stuff was what he did just before he passed away. Country and Folk loves should certainly check this track out.


Who They Are:
I’m David Guitard, a Signed Professional Musician in Bathurst NB, Canada who Was Signed to ‘Asylum Productions’ on Feb. 1st, 2013 which was one of three labels which were all combined becoming AMG or Asylum Music Group (a U.S. major label) which I am also their A&R Specialist & Scouting Manager! Which I do look into any artist upon request and have a listen to their work to see if they are a good fit for AMG, if they are then I will talk to them about what it would take to become Signed! I had my album, David Guitard – ONE released on May 1st, 2013 and was re-signed May 2014 for a two year contract for my second retail album (With Eyes Wide Opened)! I as well do have professional management with ‘Young Music Management’!
The last ten years has been a time of healing, learning and growing in so many ways! Having a horrible accident in 2003 where I had to learn a lot of things over! I had gone to College for Electronics Engineering and University for Psychology with a resume three pages long before the injury but after was not like myself in any way, from the way I walked, talked, looked and even with the way I acted! Although music was in my life throughout! Then was diagnosed with epilepsy after starting to have seizures over a year later because of the damage that was done to my brain! I had to live in two special care homes for a little over a year with a long recovery being almost nine years total! Even so have achieved all that I have since and do believe I have been blessed! Even though I was in such bad shape in the hospital not even knowing my own name or any reality whatsoever, the first thing I had asked for was my guitar! What I had done was dedicate myself to my music and healing! Now as well I continue to do that although I do now also dedicate it to my fiancé as well! So I Had found out in Feb, 2012 that I healed 100%, although still diagnosed with very mild epilepsy with no seizure for many years! Now after eleven years am proud to say that I have achieved what I have with a wonderful outlook for my future!
I was lucky to be alive, yes, went through an ordeal being in a coma for ten days and in two hospitals but now am in control of my own life in every way! It is eleven years later and I am a better, stronger man than I have ever been! I live as clean a life as I can and enjoy living that way! I am in a relationship with a woman I love, have no kids but do hope to have in my future continuing to work hard to make sure that we will have as comfortable a life as possible!
With my album having been released last year I had put 90+ hours a week into working for so long, now am able to bring it down to about 70/80 a week lol, putting the time into marketing and promoting my album and music, as well as all I do to help other artists both on AMG’s roster as well as artists looking to become signed to a great labeI! Now having fans in hundreds of countries around the world, with them sending me comments, posts and blessings and have communicated with so many! Saying how they love my music, my videos and me, yes this makes me feel very blessed, loved and definitely have GOD and lost loved ones watching over me and keeping me strong! I have been through many unexpected pains in my life that now has made me much stronger than I have ever been! The owner of my label has become like a brother to me and was another blessing in my life, to have him become a part of mine! The biggest reason I do not worry about how/where my life will go is because even though music is one of the toughest careers to have, I continue to work hard and have such great people behind/beside me! It makes all those times I remember cursing my fingers worthwhile, when they would be so bloody and sore that I could not bring a sound from my guitar anymore, not being able to push the strings at all! I can honestly say that I love everything that I do in my career, although I will be glad when I can show my sweetheart the many things in life I hope too!
I grew up a farm-boy, worked in 25+ venues of work, have been educated, have many experiences that have made me the man I am but can honestly say that I am now fully a musician at heart! This is what I plan to do throughout the rest of my life for myself, my family and fans! Please remember to treat those around you with love and respect! Take care of your family and yourself! I love you all!! God Bless… 🙂

The Band is:
David R. Guitard





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