Ca$h – Going Ray Rice Ft Draztik Flowz

The song has a good flow and the rhymes are tight. The backing music is a lot of fun. It’s got a lot of movement which is interesting and fun to listen to. I would say this would be a great club song.  I did like the bounce effect of this song. Regardless of personal thoughts on the genre let’s face it, if it’s good your ass is going to bounce.

I don’t want to knock this song at all as for its genre it’s really well done. However this style of rap just isn’t for me. I appreciated the opportunity to listen to it and there were aspects of the song I did like. However if you’re going to listen to it please make sure your kiddo’s aren’t around or you use headphones. This song has a lot of NSFW lyrics and deals with some grown folk business. For fans of the genre: I may not know rap well enough to properly judge it however I would suggest for the more hardcore rap fan you check out the track. The flow is really tight and his rhymes are slammin’. I could dance my ass off to the music!


Who They Are:
Recently took a new approach and decided I am sticking closer at heart to my “real” fan base I want my own not anyone elses. Everything other than my “Trap Junkies” demo work for March 2015 in ST Pete,Fla is deleted and 86’d off all the webz big album ..good colabs.Thanx tho for the people that supported my early home studio work ..much love. Music is a fun but its a grind,with a big mix tape and 3 other mix tape projects for 2015 I will be traveling and booked but the rest of 2014 I have some time to get some free verses and hooks out.Respect tha hustle ya get it back.Hmu if ya trying to work.

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