Ignotus Enthropya – Solid Silver

Awesome thrash music with seriously guttural growling! The music alone is enough to send any thrash metal enthusiast into a music coma, but when you add that vocal track its thrashy bliss! The guitar work is blistering with some amazing riffs worthy of breaking out your air guitar. There is a lot of movement during the course of the song. While I would label it an upbeat tempo it has moments where it slows down but that drum stays heavy and strong the whole time.

Oh I fully intend to have this band on my upcoming radio show, on my server and in my phone. That guitar solo if straight on amaze balls! It gets me pumped up for the day without breaking a sweat. I gotta say I loved every thing about this song and for thrash aficionados I bring you a gift from the gods.


Who They Are:
The band was formed in July 2009 by guitarist Christian Alexander Oppitz and bassist Balázs Molnár (ex-Twister, Rektális Szerzetesrend), who met through the latter’s ad for additional musicians for his new project. The initial musical vision was inspired by melodic death and progressive metal, with complex song structures, technical guitar solos, and athmospheric keyboard groundwork combined with harsh vocals.

After the first few jams and an enduring search for members to complete the line-up, the core of the band came into form with the addition of drummer Turcsák “Turi” Bence (Ex-Limb for a Limb, Kill With Hate), second guitarist Ádám Gerhes and keyboardist Bálint Kemény (Ex-Niburta, Númenor, Elanor). Songwriting commenced for the first instrumental demo shortly after, to promote the new band and to find a suitable vocalist.

Dávid Gazdag (Ex-Singara) was found eventually as the group’s singer in 2011, and preparations began to perform live as well. Ignotus Enthropya’s stage debut happened in april 2012, and the band did a few shows throughout the year, however, by the beginning of 2013 they were without a frontman once again. The vacant position was later filled by Turi’s friend and former bandmate Zsolt Lédeczi (Effrontery, Teurgia, Deathstruck), and work began on the first official release.

After months of silence, the band finally returned to stage in March 2014, and in September, the debut 4-track EP, entitled “Solid Silver” was also released. By that time, Bálint Kemény has left the band and was replaced by Mátyás Martinka. Ignotus Enthropya is now stronger than ever and eager to promote their music worldwide in every possible way!

The Band is:
Christian Alexander Oppitz
Balázs Molnár
Turcsák “Turi” Bence
Ádám Gerhes



Where You Can Get It:

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