The Nukes – Vibrant Dreams

My first thought when listening to this song was I needed to be in a smoke filled gin joint. Late, like midnightish, drinking my sorrows away whilst listening to this particular tune, wondering where it all went wrong.  This sounds like a classic already. The vocal work is stellar. Her vocals are nothing short of breathtaking, with a solid slightly husky mid-tone range. Her tone is so mournful, that you connect with your on an emotional level almost immediately.  I had to look up a Greek Bouzouki to see exactly what it was. What I can tell you is it along with it’s player produced an amazing sound that makes this piece so original. I love the way the music weaves in and our around the lead singers vocals. There is so much float in the song it’s unreal.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes. As it turns out I am a huge fan of music that features a Greek Bouzouki. I would put this on a playlist with some of my Amy Winehouse and Adele music. For those of us into this type of music welcome to Nirvana man. I don’t even know what else to say, except if you don’t check it out it’s totally your loss.


Who They Are: The Nukes are an all-teenage rock band based in Los Angeles that plays all originals (at some point they may cover a song or two) .What gives them an edge over all other teen rock bands are their affinity for musicianship – having studied their instruments since before becoming teenagers – and indifference about that commercial-friendly sound in favor of challenging the industry to try something new.

The Band is:

Hunter Taran – vocals
Dimitri Nardini – guitar, Greek Bouzouki
Emilio Larrazabal – bass
Kody Wood – drums

Website: The Nukes

Twitter: @TheNukesMusic

Youtube: The Nukes

Where You Can Buy It:

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