Daniel Ray – Blue In The Face – Alkaline Trio cover

This is another song where I have to admit I don’t know the original. I love that this is done as an acoustic jam. This guy has an amazing voice, reminds me a bit of Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day). He has damn near the same vocal range and tone. So, so love that! I gotta say that I really like this song. I’ll have to check out the original, but I like so much about this cover I think it might have jaded me to the original. This guy is really good at knowing when to blow it out with the vocals and when to hold back. That is really important when it comes to connecting with your listener. I mean if your always “on” there is no way to emphasize any of the lyrics.

I can’t wait to hear more of this guy’s stuff. I noticed he does a lot of covers on Youtube, but I’m hoping that soon he will put out some original material. He certainly has the voice to go anywhere he wants in music.  As for this song I would grab a copy and throw it on my Green Day, Good Charlotte, and Smile Empty Soul. I think it would be a great match.


The Band is:

Daniel Ray




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