Happy Accidents – Ataraxia

Now this feels like a good old fashioned ROCK song. Those vocals make me happy in all the right places. It’s like if you took Vince Neil from back in the day and brought him into today’s music this is about what I think he would sound like. This guy has that super awesome almost but not quite nasally quality that rocks in a track like this. I am also in guitar heaven with this killer solo. Scales never ever sounded quite so damn good. There is a bridge that slows down to just vocals and the drum line that is extremely sexy. The drum work is way solid and a great bond for the vocals and guitar, way better than any Krazy Glue I could think of. I wasn’t able to spot a bass line but I could feel it in there supporting the drums and tying it all together.

If all accidents were this happy I would try to have more of them every day! I like a good old fashioned classic rock song on my playlists where ever I can shoe horn them in. For me I would match this up with some old and new songs. I’m thinking everything from the afore referenced Motley Crue to some Puddle of Mudd, Volbeat or even some of the less double bassy Five Finger Death Punch. So some serious rock stuff with some more rock metal mashup music. All I can say is listen, download then go forth and rock my friend.


Who They Are:
Young and bold describes Happy Accidents. Initially formed in 2010, they began as a punk rock band and have emerged in 2014 as a progressive hard rock trio.

They have toured the local Arizona scene showing their accomplished range of instrument diversity, from piano to flute to guitar and drums. They have performed at the infamous Marquee Theatre, Joe’s Grotto, and Club Red; and such events as the “New Times Street Eats Food Truck Festival”.

Happy Accidents will begin the recording of their first EP this Winter and will release it in January 2015. Their original music displays their range of influences, including rock, blues and punk.

The Band is:
Sergei – Lead Guitar and Vox
Jarod – Bass Guitar
D’Mitri – Drums





Where You Can Get It:

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