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Who They Are: Not much information on this band through the sites I looked up. If I can get a bio from them I will add it here.

Why I Like Them: Musically this song is Rise Against, while vocally it’s Fallout Boy. I think that is kinda awesome personally. I think I would appreciate a bit more grit in the vocals, but that is personal preference 100%. The song stands on it’s own just fine as is. I find myself tapping my toes as I write this, listening to the song for the second time. I also dug on the lyrics. The music and lyrics are a perfect match with no odd man out lines. You know what I mean? There is nothing worse than listening along to a song to get hit in the eardrums at 50 over a lyrical miss.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Sure! I’ve got a list I’ve been building for a week or so now that would be a perfect home for this song.

The Band is:

Alex – Guitar/Lead Vocals
Tom – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
TJ – Bassist
Mark – Drummer

Where You Can Buy It:

I’m not sure where you can buy this yet.  Will update when I find out.

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