Nathaniel Brant – So Far Away

Who They Are: Nathaniel spent several years in Nashville, TN writing songs (Country and Alternative) for major and independent label pitches. He has shifted gears now to create music for his debut album. He has already sold a few thousand cd’s and has played to several small and large crowds at various festivals and music venues in the midwest and the southeast.

Why I Like Them: While I’m not normally I country fan I gotta say for a song with a country vibe I am grooving on this one. It’s really uplifting and it gives you this wistful feeling. I personally found myself thinking of my own SO and how long we’ve been together. I appreciate how the vocalist here is so in touch with the lyrics he wrote. You can feel the emotions and the story.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yeah. I don’t have a playlist currently that he would fit under since it’s more of a country thing. I would however start a new playlist with songs that were either full on country or that awesome country/pop crossover.

The Band is:

Nathaniel Brant Where You Can Buy It:

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