Nuskin – See The Colors

I love that dark slow burn intro.  It sets a great atmosphere for the rest of the song. While this is not the most uplifting of all songs, it’s actually a really beautiful song. It’s a much stripped down tune, sounds like it’s just a piano and the vocals. The vocalist has a grittiness to his voice that underscores the lyrics perfectly. I have listened to this song three times now and it just gets better every time I hear it. I have had a lot of times that I’ve felt like this guy does. He connects with his subject matter on such a deep level that I can’t help be moved by the song.

I would love to listen to more of their work! I enjoyed the guy’s voice a lot. It was great that the song I chose highlighted his voice so well. I would absolutely get this song on my phone and in several playlists. I would put it on one of my downer lists. My favorite one has Smile Empty Soul, Breaking Benjamin, Stone Sour and a few others. It’s a perfect home to this track.


Who They Are:
Nuskin is a band from Delton Michigan that has seen it’s share of ups and downs and has always come back stronger than it was before and is now stronger than ever. Our fans and our passion push us harder than ever now and we thrive on the energy given as well as received to deliver our very best to everyone that’s willing to be reached. We believe that a show is not just music but a chance to give ourselves to those willing to receive us. Anyone who takes money out of there pocket to come see us at a show deserves our full attention and dedication to delivering the best show that we can provide!! We hope you enjoy what we have for you. We pour ourselves into what we do so that you will walk away with something to think about and talk about. Support your local band, they might be what defines your hometown some day.

The Band is:
Steve Maple – Vocals/Keyboard
Beau Ross – Vocals/Kaosilator/DJ
Casey Gillett – Drums
Orin Knuppenburg – Guitar
Chad Hess – Bass




Where You Can Get It:

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