Fire Tiger – Energy

Every thing about this song screams 80’s pop rock. Think Pat Benetar or Joan Jett, with popier sounds. Vocally I’m floored. This chick has such a powerful voice. You can feel the power with every line she sings. It’s not a high pitched voice but a nice solid round mid tone. I really like how clear her voice it. She doesn’t have any grit or gravel to her voice, but she is capeable of reaching a really nice lower register. Musically if your into keyboards at all, your going to love this track.  There is plenty of really well done keyboard work that compliments the guitar and drum work perfectly. The guitarist has several moments of brilliance though you have to listen for it. Not that it’s exaclty hidding but it’s layered so well with the rest of the music that it’s not in your face.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Sure. I have some 80’s lists I would love to get this on. In face I have an 80’s ladies list that would fit this track perfectly. I”m talking some Benetar, Heart, Til Tuesday and Joan Jett. This song has such a classic feel to it that for fans of 80’s pop it will feel like you’ve known this song forever.


Who They Are: Los Angeles’s Fire Tiger strives through new, original songs to bring classic musicality back to the mainstream, combining rock and pop with a mixture of past and future…

The Band is:

Tiffany Alkouri
James Ramsey
Chris Cuomo
Cahuenga Mango

Website: Fire Tiger Band

Twitter: @FireTigerBand

Youtube: Tiff James

Where You Can Buy It:

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