Fuge – On My Way

This is a really good upbeat tempo with some nice effects going on and a rather epic feel to it.  I like the way the rap vocals are layered with a secondary track. It create some really interesting vocal bouncing effects. The flow is pretty good. I like how some of it is in a more sarcastic tone. It works really well with the lyrics of the track. I’ve always liked songs that had a good “fuck you” kind of feel to it. Cause there are days where that is exactly how you feel. Especially when your stuck in a situation you are trying to get out of.

I thought this was a fairly empowering track. It had what I considered to be some funny elements with that top end vocal rap track. After listening to it a couple of times for the review I found myself bouncing along with it. Fans of the genre are going to appreciate the flow of this one. It’s got an almost summery riding in my car kind of vibe that makes it a great car song. If your into rap you should check this one out cause I’m sure you are going to want it when you’re out with your boys.




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