The Plot In You – Superbeast (Rob Zombie Cover)

Oh holy fuck these guys can jam out a cover like no one’s business. I love the original song so much but honestly, this is how it needed to be done. That vocal style is exactly what this song was lacking.  The style is much darker and grittier almost but not quite a guttural growl, ok maybe more guttural than that. But it’s absolute perfection if you ask me. Some of the musical elements have been pumped up to match their vision of the song. The tempo and rhythm are the same but there are some tweaks here and there.

Dude, I need this song right the hell now on my playlist at home on my phone on my new radio show. I just need it! I want to take this version and throw it on a playlist with some other heavy hitting songs by Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, BFMV, and FFDP. Oh Jesus please us, I can hear that list now. I think my neighbors are going to have my guts in the morning. But I couldn’t care less… this is happening people.


Who They Are:

The Band is:
Landon Tewers – Vocals – @LandonTours
Ethan Yoder – Bass – @squeeethan
Josh Childress – Guitar – @JoshTPIY



Where You Can Get It:

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