INTERNATIONAL i – They Know My Name

like the beat. It’s a great up beat party type song. Its tempo doesn’t offer a lot of modulation which is what makes it a perfect house party track. If you’re looking for a song to get people on the floor this will do it. The guy has a really good flow with this swagger to his voice that commands attention.  While I’m not the biggest fan of this genre I have to say is just as good as any rap jam I’ve heard on the radio in the last few years. I have some friends who love this rap style so I do have a bit of exposure.

As for myself I’m can’t see me downloading it. Not because it’s not a good rap song, I just don’t find myself listening to rap. That being said, for you fans of the more hardcore style of rap; this is a great rap record. The guy has a tight flow and fits the beats perfectly. I could definitely see my rap loving friends playing this in their cars loud and proud. So make sure you check this one out.

*NSFW song!


Who They Are:

“Only Up From Here” … The newest project set for release from the Blu Print Entertainment camp. Featuring production from some of the industries hottest producers such as Jahlil Beats of Roc Nation. Working first hand on the album and a close friend, it was simply a no brainer for Jahlil and i to connect.

Chester, Pennsylvania, the city where both Jahlil and i were born and raised. Not many opportunities arise from Chester, either you’re an outstanding basketball prospect, an academic scholar or a product of the streets. Fortunately that wasn’t the case for the now CEO and artist of Blu Print Entertainment.

Entering the United States Navy after high school, college wasn’t an option for i. His love for music grew along with his will to pursue it. Putting his first album on hold to help his now NBA Star brother Tyreke Evans fulfill his dreams, i said to himself, “now its time,” meaning it was time to push full throttle on his own dreams.

Starting what is now Blu Print Entertainment, i’s dream is to turn his label into a Bad Boy/ No Limit, “like,” powerhouse. Newly signed artists, “KENEX” and Blu Print’s First Lady, “Pretty Macn,” is just the beginning of what is to come.

With the slogan, “The Future of New Music & Entertainment,” Blu Print has a signature sound along with catchy hooks that will propel International i, his artist and his label to what he calls, “the next level.” To him that next level means international! Print Dat!

The Band is:




Where You Can Get It:

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