Pluvi – LXA & Ryos & Petie Smallz – The Purge

Nice industrial beat and I like that repeated lyric. It’s all very cold war sounding. I liked the use of all the different alarms used.  Now I haven’t seen this movie, but from what is in this song from said flick I think I need to see it. Likewise if this is Pluvi’s interpretation of ‘The Purge’ then it’s got a lot of really good suspenseful moments and is pretty damn scary.  The beats are crazy and keep you on edge. I love the modulation with some crazy change ups.

While I wouldn’t normally want something like this, I think it’s really well done. I would like to put it on a list for my Halloween parties for sure, but also with some random funky songs I’ve collected over the years. They don’t seem to fit anywhere else on my playlists but I like to listen to them.


Who They Are:
Hello all. my name is Pluvi, I started making music in 2013. I live for that bounce, Jagermiester, and dirty grimy stuff. Hobbies are music, CDJ’s making music, Dj’ing, and finding new music. Got that basement mentality.

The Band is:
Anthony Reifel




Where You Can Get It:



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