Weak13 – Mary

Full disclosure, I reviewed this back back in 2016 (I think) and I was kind of on the fence with the song I reviewed. So when I was scrolling for #newmusic on Spotify and found this I was really pretty excited. The song I’m reviewing is a cover song and I have to say that while I liked the original version of the song just fine, I have to say I like Weak13’s better. While it still maintains the overall pacing and 100% 60’s vibe it added a little of that old school heavy metal vibe.

I liked the whole vibe of this song, like if the Monkey’s had done some Sabbath type shiz. While the pacing is steady the intro is pretty darn engaging. And the low tuned sound of Weak13 seems to be damn near a perfect match for this particular track. I thought this was a curious choice for a cover and would love to hear the story behind the decision.

The grungy vocals are kind of perfect for the song. My first run through on this one I was really taken with the vocal style. It just works so well with the 60’s vibe. The drum line doesn’t sound particularly complicated and that’s also perfect. I feel like I’m saying that a lot on this review, that everything is perfect. But this is one of those situations that I am not really finding anything that could be improved on.

I’m super excited to see these guys are still making music.

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