Random Hero – Burn Up The Night

Ok, I’m digging on the intro for this song! Ohhh, the vocals are right in my wheelhouse for favorites. The vocals are hella tight with a nice range and that just right amount of grit. It’s almost dirty how good they are. I love the almost reckless abandon I hear in his voice when he really goes for those higher sustained notes. Just the vocals alone would be enough for me to give this song 5 stars, but wait there’s more! The guitar work on this track is stratospheric! Perfectly timed with the drums and it’s in that perfect space where it doesn’t overshadow any thing and yet still makes its presence perfectly felt. The drum line is a little bit o’ perfect! It’s an uptempo song but not thrash style, definitely a rock tempo. I can pick out the bass as well and I love that.

I cannot wait to listen to more of Random Hero’s music. The vocals and the music are so well done that I can’t imagine the rest of their catalog being any thing less than stellar. I have every intention of putting this song on my phone (which is the highest of honors for me, I take that phone every where with my beats pill). Playlist wise I’m not even sure where I would start. There are so many bands or songs even you could match this up with and have a flawless flow with your music. I would put it with my From Ashes To New, Five Finger Death Punch, Stone Sour, or Ditchwater. You could pair them with edgier pop/rock acts like Fall Out Boy.  Mostly I can’t stress enough how bad you need to hear this song. It’s one of those tunes as soon as you listen to it you know that this arena ready tune is going to rock you off your ass when you finally get to see them play it live.



Who They Are: “On us who live in the dark shadow of death this light will shine to guide us into a life of peace.” (Luke 1:79) Random Hero is billed nationally as a positive message active rock band from Denver, CO. But, truthfully, they are so much more than that. For eight years, Random Hero has built a ministry through music. The bands foundation is firmly rooted in faith, and as such, each member has dedicated themselves to bringing a clear message of hope, without being preachy or churchy, to those who otherwise may not hear it.  Starting in the Summer of 2012, Random Hero hit the Billboard National Christian Rock Charts as few unsigned bands ever get the chance to do. Their single “Breakdown” debuted at #28 and in just a few short weeks, found its way into the top ten. Breakdown peaked at #4 and remained on the charts for six months…Most of that time spent in the top 10. The single continued to remain comfortably in the top 10 on the recurrent charts for another 5 months. The band’s second single from the Breakdown EP, “Freak Show”, also charted in the top 25. Random Hero’s latest single “Mercy” entered the charts in mid August of 2013 and quickly found itself resting at #4 on the Billboard Christian Rock Charts.

The Band is:

Aaron Watkins|Vocals

Joshua Bertrand|Guitar/BGV’s

Rob “LOS” McDonough|Bass

Patrick Madsen|Drums

Website: Random Hero

Twitter: @RandomHeroBand

Youtube: Random Hero Live

Where You Can Buy It:

itunes-logo[1] spotify


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