Xavier Xerxes – Mother of Exiles

Oh my gosh! So the intro totally had me thinking about Pink Floyd, The Wall style but once they kick in the music it was more like Judas Priest. That is actually a pretty bad ass mash up that no one saw coming! The vocals have that same not really high pitch voice, but higher than what you normally see in rock. The vocalist does a really good job at coming up under those notes and giving the vocal action a bit of movement. What I found to be the biggest draw for me though were the guitar riffs. Those are some sweet, sweet cords my friends. While the song is not quite 80’s it really does have some of that flavor to it. Lyrically it’s very smart and has a lot to say. There is quite the interlude in the middle of the song where the music drops off and you have these deeper, grittier vocals. Then it launches back into the song adding in some really interesting soaring vocals.

In all honesty I really liked the music to this song and I also appreciated the lyrics and the message it sends. Especially at the end where it repeats “don’t give up”, it’s a good message especially in today’s world. However I think I would like to hear this song with a different vocalist. Not that I think this guy is a bad singer, I just think that the type of music he’s doing would play a bit better with some one who has a deeper tenor voice and a bit more gravel. What I did love was the guitar work. There are some outstanding guitar runs peppered all through the jam. You really have to listen to the song to understand what kind of ax man we have here.

Now of course this is just my opinion and if you disagree with me that’s totally cool. Write your comments below and we can chat about it.


Xavier Xerxes is a multi-instrumentalist recording artist. He is an accomplished guitarist, bassist, vocalist and a clever lyricist. He specializes in a hard rock/heavy metal sound with frenetic guitar antics, and lyrics are often based on puns, oxymorons, nonsense, and physics. What else could you want?

The Band is:

Xavier Xerxes – Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drum Programming

Website: Xavier Xerxes

Twitter: @XavierXerxes4u

Youtube: XavierXerxes4U

Where You Can Buy It:

reverbnation-iconblack[1] spotify


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