Straight Red – Coming Undone

A nice rhythmic almost throbbing beat backs this track. It’s kinda punkish with the tempo of the song and the vocal style. Vocally I think back to some of the new wave bands of the 80’s. There is a quality to the vocals that I’m finding hard to quantify. Because this song certainly isn’t a punk rock song, for one it’s a bit to long.  I’m grooving on the tone the vocalist has, it’s kinda deep with just the tiniest bit ragged around the edges. In some ways I keep thinking about the lead singer of the B-52’s. They has a similar oddness to their voices that you can’t help but like. The drum and guitar work are nicely done and add a lot of interest to this song.

I’m extremely curious to what their other music sounds like. From their own description every song has it’s own vibe and I find that really appealing. One of my favorite bands is Sponge and no 2 songs sound the same from that band. It’s a refreshing way to make music, since it seems like there are no boundries when you work that way. With that in mind I’m very tempted to get a hold of this song and add it to my Sponge playlist. That is where I keep some of my “odd” songs. B-52’s are also on the list to give you a more rounded idea of what the “odd” list is.


Who They Are: “Straight Red”… A band with as much distinction and independence as the name itself. It’s the protrusion through the “gray” monotonous tunes on the radio, with each song revealing its own personality and style, reflecting our different influences and experiences. Our music shares an eclectic mix of the dark tones of the Northwest, with raw bright energy that has defined Seattle’s music scene. See what the buzz is about by clicking our “Like” link and be notified of our future concerts and events.

The Band is:

Travis Crowell – Lead Vocals
Arthur Peach – Bass
Rich Todd – Guitar/Vocals
Evan Peterson – Drums
Mike Grassi

Website: Straight Red Band


Youtube: Straigh Red Band

Where You Can Buy It:

soundcloud_logo1_1_c6844f[1] reverbnation-iconblack[1]  Bandcamp


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