Villins – Crime

I’m not even sure where to start on this one. I had so much fun listening to this track. It’s got a great overall vibe that I find myself head bobbing to as an automatic response. Per Spotify they classify themselves as Goth, Disco, Hard Rock. I would say that just about covers it, but this track certainly brings the big sounds of Pop and blends it with everything else to produce something truly unique.

The whole time I was listening to this (I’m up to 6) I keep getting some crazy 80’s vibes! Not so much with the whole piece by any means, but little bits here and there. Her vocals are so insanely solid and some how give me this whole Madonna circa the late 80’s. Her tone and style is unpredictable and runs the gamut in this track. There is a higher tone that is clear and almost sweet that marries nicely with the lower register she pulls in the versus and just a smidge of grit every now and again.

The guitar work is equally amazing! The talent that is flowing from my computer listening to this really makes me wish that I had stuck with the guitar and had actual talent. That one riff (listen to it and you’ll now) is so bouncy and light and FUN that you can’t help but be entranced by it. It’s a pitch perfect match to the vocals and really what more could you ask for? The drum work is a little hidden and that’s AOK with me. I think for this particular song the focus should be on the vocals and guitar work.

I can’t really explain it but to me this song screams Harley Quin circa Suicide Squad. I could see this being one of Harley’s favorite songs, you know something she would play for Joker before they go out for some fun. If your looking for something fresh and fun this is the track for you. Let me know what you thought of it!

Check them out of Spotify!

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