Mongrel – Snakes

Who They Are: Mongrel, by definition, is a mixed-breed, and this female fronted band known as “The hardest working band in Boston” (Metal Edge) lives up to its name. Fronted by Jessica read more

Stitched Up Heart – Frankenstein

Who They Are: Born in Oct, 2010, out of the tearing ends of 4 different groups; Mixi, High Risk, Never Like The Movies, and Sexual Harassment, The band sowed their seams together to form STITCHED UP read more

Osmium – So Sick Society

Who They Are: Osmium describe themselves as three 16 year old best friends who love to play some good old thrash metal. They began playing together in the 7th grade; from then on they have been forming read more

Dirty Kluger – Animals

Who They Are: I couldn’t find a ton of information about this band. So I’ll say this: they are a bunch of cool dudes.

Why I Liked It: I like a nice upbeat rhythm! It has this great kinda read more

EverSay – This Time

Who They Are: Drinking from the same well as some of Rock’s most legendary bands, EverSay calls Middleburg, FL home. With powerhouse vocals, chugging guitars, and intense drumming, they’re read more

Spider Rockets – Going Down

Who They Are: Loud rock has always been at the core of the group. Lead singer, Helena Cos, and guitarist, Johnny Nap, started as a duo playing every dive bar in New Jersey and New York City. In between read more

Stone Kings – Reset

Who they are: Stone Kings formed in early 2010 and started gigging in September of that year. They have been rocking crowds all over the UK ever since. They released their self-titled debut album in read more

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